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McNeilus Upgrades Its Zero Radius Side Loader for Higher Performance, More Productivity

McNeilus Companies, Inc., an Oshkosh Corporation, has enhanced its Zero Radius (ZR) Automated Side Loader to make this high-performance refuse vehicle even more efficient. Featuring a new arm assembly, the ZR offers several upgrades – including a 12-foot extended reach option – to improve productivity and reliability.

“The upgrades we’ve made make the innovative McNeilus ZR arm even better and more productive than before,” said Brad Nelson, Oshkosh Corporation senior vice president and president of the Commercial business segment. “The end product is a stronger and smoother operating arm that can reach farther and perform more efficiently.”

Set the standards high and provide continued excellence. This is what McNeilus strives for. Those goals are also reflective of McNeilus’ customers, including Kahut Waste Services in Canby, OR. Ray Kahut, fleet manager for the family-owned hauler, said the company has been running McNeilus ZR side loaders for about three years, and they’re used on a wide spectrum of routes – both residential and commercial.

“It’s been engineered well to hold up on any type of route,” Kahut said. “The operation of the arm is very smooth, and there’s not a lot of maintenance with this truck.”

The McNeilus ZR side loader has been designed to stand up over the long haul. The recent upgrades to the truck’s body, controls and arm assembly offer even more productivity in an already reliable refuse vehicle. Some of the enhancements include a simplified hydraulic system and controls, redesigned routings, solid steel rungs on the mast and new carriage rollers. In addition, the new 12-foot extended reach arm option makes cul-de-sacs, parked cars and other obstructions easy to navigate. All upgrades are also backed by a new extended warranty.

“With this portfolio of upgrades, the McNeilus ZR sets the bar for productivity in the automated side loader segment,” Nelson said. “These improvements are a direct result of customer feedback to our product team and engineering staff, and we are excited to review its many advantages with haulers, who will see their suggestions translated to an excellent piece of technology in motion.”

Kahut was one of the customers who experienced firsthand the enhanced ZR in action. Working with McNeilus means customers receive superior support, which Kahut can attest to. He said McNeilus worked with him to update his fleet of ZR side loaders after the enhancements were launched.

“We weren’t expecting McNeilus to update all of those trucks, but we appreciate that they did,” Kahut said. “I would absolutely recommend the McNeilus ZR side loader to another disposal company.”

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