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MCS, The Nation’s #1 Container Maintenance Company, Servicing The Waste Industry For Over 30 Years and Looking Forward To Servicing For Years To Come.
MCS specialty is refurbishing all types of waste equipment, containers, compactors, truck welding and more, making MCS the one stop shop for all welding and painting projects. MCS now operates in 43 States and Canada with major repair facilities and mobile crews across the continent. Outsourcing has become a popular option for companies seeking to reduce head count and overall cost. It allows managers to focus their resources on making their core business more profitable. Why go through the constant battle of turnover and lack of production in your shops when a more effective and proven alternative is so readily available. If you would like more information on how MCS can immediately relieve a lot of headaches and bring more to the bottom line for your company, please go to our website at or call 1-800-448-3785

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Scranton New Way

New Way, a family Company, is a highly motivated team of experienced, talented persons. Since its beginning, it has stood for innovation, quality and customer satisfaction. That commitment has not changed in over 36 years. New Way combines economy, safety, performance and durability in manufacturing the finest equipment; representing the best values with support and service over the life of the product.

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