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Fleet managers face increasing pressures to deliver collection services that are more efficient, responsive, environmentally-friendly and safe. To do so, trucks need to be smarter by integrating technology to collect and communicate important data regarding routes, drivers, customers and vehicle systems for a completely transparent fleet operation. As a result, the industry is seeing a sharp rise in demand for capabilities beyond basic vehicle tracking. And, Street Smart Vision by McNeilus has the solution.
Street Smart Vision by McNeilus provides a single hardware platform that delivers a wide range of integrated features allowing drivers, fleet managers and operations personnel to gain seamless, real-time access to valuable information.
The SSV10 mobile on-board computer with built-in DVR platform, enables an extensive list of software features like route management software, live-streaming DVR and vehicle system diagnostics. In addition to providing a complete Smart Truck solution, McNeilus will install, service and support the system through its expanding network of service centers location across North America
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