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Terra Vista Solutions is a leading developer of business application software for the refuse industries for over the last decade. And now in the last 3 years, we’ve emerged as a leading provider in credit card processing for the trash and utilities industry. For nearly 3 years, we have saved our customers thousands of dollars a year (in most cases) with our credit card processing, by educating our customers about utility pricing, helping them qualify for utility pricing, and saving them even more with our special processing rates that can’t be beat due to our special group pricing. We’re doing things no other developer is doing. And now we are offering the credit card savings to companies that want to save possibly thousands a year in credit card fees but might be happy with their current software provider. So whether your needs are software related, or you just simply want to save maybe 25%, 50% or more in your credit card fees, either way, give us a call. You’ll be glad you did! 1-888-408-3772, push option #1. Or 410-386-0477 directly.

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Scranton New Way

New Way, a family Company, is a highly motivated team of experienced, talented persons. Since its beginning, it has stood for innovation, quality and customer satisfaction. That commitment has not changed in over 36 years. New Way combines economy, safety, performance and durability in manufacturing the finest equipment; representing the best values with support and service over the life of the product.

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